Property administration

administracion de fincas

The basic functions of a manager are:

  • Convene the ordinary and extraordinary meetings of owners and take care of all formalities, including the call to write id'enviar per the instructions on who is president.
  • Provide professional advice to the board of owners in the study of accounts and budgets to approve them, the renovation of the offices of the board and any other matters that the members see fit.
  • Turn-on and manage the provision of funds received, several days after the board approves them or time and date established.
  • Control and communicate to the President incidents, complaints and make necessary payments for work run in the building and / or joint ownership of the site, whether ordinary or extraordinary.
  • Maintain updated list of addresses of co-owners, and notify the chairman of the names that have no known address in order to locate them, if possible.
  • Report to the President of the relationship that debtors may exercise voting rights in the respective boards.
  • Pound, with the approval of the President, the certificates needed by owners, vendors or in any other manner, or not to keep up in payments to the community.
  • Present-President, in advance, the budgets of the next year and carry out necessary works.
  • Write-coefficients of the new units that constitute the community, if there were changes in the distribution of properties.
  • Write-in requirements signed by the president aimed at residents or occupants to perform prohibited activities, nuisance, noxious, dangerous or illegal, and monitoring procedures initiated.
  • Write-minutes of meetings and transcribe it in the minute book, send it by certified mail or Facsimile within eight days to all owners at the last address recorded in the register of the community.
  • Save-the minute books, which must be duly authenticated.
  • Keep all documentation for five years in the community (only calls, communications, power or relevant documents).


Community services:

  • Periodically inspect the building or the joint ownership to verify the proper functioning of various services.
  • ORDER-making urgent repairs and inform the President.
  • To meet the needs of the community (breakdowns, repairs, insurance, etc.). With a sufficient portfolio of industrial quality and reliability with competitive prices.


Property Valuations

Depending on the condition of the equipment, the situation, the price of similar properties in competition, economic situation,...


Tax advice

Inform our customers of what might be the best actions to get the best tax benefits at any time.


Procedures and Payment of Taxes

Informing and preparing the documents and forms necessary to pay taxes to the appropriate public administration.


Procedures for the NIE's foreign

Collection, management and presentation of necessary documents to the public administration for the achievement of these originals or copies.

Any person not resident in Spain who have cheap deals should have called NIE (foreign identification number), equivalent to NIF (fiscal identification number) of residents of Spanish nationality.

The times when you always ask for the NIE are the following:

  • When buying a property, car or other valuables.
  • In any relationship with the Ministry of Finance or the Ministry of Finance of the Catalan government or local authorities (councils).
  • Identify in the annual declaration of assets.
  • To identify other contract documents or bank accounts or insurance policies.



If you own any property in Spain and to avoid legal problems that can become very expensive for heirs, it is very important to make a will in Spain.


A Finques Blanch informed of all necessary documentation and we will agree with the notary to draft this document as necessary. When you are ready, according to his personal instructions, to accompany the signature. It is a very simple procedure and at the same time very necessary to avoid losses to the heirs of time and money on complicated administrative procedures.



In contact with the top insurers market Blanch Farm will analyze a completely customized to your needs.

We offer the best insurance for the property, you actually do simulations to pay fees and will expedite all claims.


Taxation of non-residents

Informing and preparing the documents and forms necessary to pay taxes to the appropriate public administration.


Getting ballots of habitability

Presentation, monitoring and visits with local professionals and architecture for the achievement of those documents essential for the transmission of property and the hiring of any feed.

Management accountants get water, electricity, telephone, ADSL. .. And pay for supplies and taxes (IBI)

Efforts with relevant organizations or companies for submitting the required documentation, payment of fees and collection contracts or supporting documentation requested services.